Do you have a smartphone? Or a tablet? If not, I bet someone you know has one. And I bet they use it all the time to visit their favorite websites.

What does this mean for your church website? It means that your church website needs to work well on smartphones and tablets, not just desktops and laptops.

What do you think of our latest church website, for Emmanuel Presbyterian Church in Wilmington, DE? Take a look at it now, if you haven’t already. Look at it on your laptop/desktop. Then look at it on your iPhone or Android smartphone. (Or ask your wife or daughter if you can borrow hers for a couple minutes.)

Here’s what you’ll see on your desktop/laptop computer:

Screenshot of homepage of Emmanuel Presbyterian Church in Wilmington, DE
Screenshot of homepage of Emmanuel Presbyterian Church in Wilmington, DE – click to visit the church website

Go ahead, take a few minutes to explore the EOPC website on your computer. What do you think? Is the design appealing? Does the navigation system make it easy for you to get around the site and find what you need?

Now, take a look at the website on your smartphone or tablet device. If you’re using a smartphone (iPhone or Android), you should see something like this:

Now, in case you are still feeling under-whelmed, take a look at this “before” and “after” slideshow. The “before” slides are from the previous design which was “one size fits all.” The “after” slides are from the new design by 5MT.¬†Which one of the following websites would you prefer to use on a smartphone?

So… You’ve seen how we helped Emmanuel Presbyterian Church with their website. Before their website made you squint when you used it on your iPhone or Android device. Now it responds to whatever device you prefer to use: smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. We even tested the website on older versions of Internet Explorer to make folks with old PCs have a good user experience too.

Good websites don’t leave anyone out. They put your content and your users¬†first.

That’s key to our mission here at 5MT: To test your website so thoroughly that everyone who visits your church website has a pleasant, friendly experience. We are here to help you highlight your message so that (Lord willing) your church can be more effective in its God-given mission of gathering and perfecting the saints.

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