It’s more than just technology

Building a church website involves three components: technology, people, and processes. Technology, people, and processes form what Dave Bourgeois of Biola University calls “the digital ministry framework.”

To build a church website which is a useful tool for outreach, you need to answer questions about people, processes, and technology.


Unless the ultimate purpose of your church website is to connect people and build relationships, you are wasting your time. “People questions” include:

  • Who will be responsible for maintaining the church website?
  • Is there a team or committee responsible for planning and directing the website?
  • Who will design and develop the church website?
  • Will volunteers have a role to play on the church website?
  • Who are the intended users of the church website?


“Process questions” include:

  • Do you have written goals and a mission statement for your church website?
  • Do you know the web usage habits of your target audience?
  • What is the process for evaluating and making changes to your church website?


“Technology questions” include:

  • What website functionality do you need to accomplish your goals?
  • Should you build a new website platform or use an existing one?
  • How are people going to find out about your website?
  • How will you know if your website is accomplishing its goals?

People and processes are more important than technology

“Technology is not the hard part,” writes Dave Bourgeois in Ministry in the Digital Age. “For most ministries, spending less time on technology and more on people and process will bring a better chance of success.” Making decisions about what technologies to use is important, but not nearly as important as considering the people and processes involved.

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