Fairview PCA of South Carolina grows from deep roots. Founded in 1786, the church building on the site was completed in 1858, and is still used for worship to this day. Their cemetery holds soldiers’ graves from the Revolutionary and Civil Wars.

But despite their heritage, Fairview had a problem: their website. It was static, and offered no sermons, events, or announcements. It showed their history, but little else… and they didn’t want their guests to think they would step back into sepia tone if they came to visit. So they came to 5MT. We collaborated with Fairview: what kind of photos should they post? How could they best tell their story?

The finished website still acknowledges Fairview’s rich heritage, but focuses on their contemporary relevance for the community. We achieved this shift in emphasis by helping them in several ways.

We showed them several possible homepage layouts, and they chose their favorite, which featured a prominent slideshow. After exploring various color schemes and font pairing options together, we put the whole lot into a customized, fully-responsive WordPress theme.

Although Fairview had a good logo, the digital copy was too small to be usable. 5MT recreated their logo for the site, matching the original but making it larger and clearer. 5MT also helped train Fairview upload their sermons from the soundboard to online. Now, new sermons are featured on their homepage and updated regularly.

Fairview’s website now communicates a more complete picture of their story: from their historic porch, to the community fitness classes in the Family Life Center, to the three-generational love continuing in the church today.

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