New Covenant URC of Twin Falls, Idaho, wanted their website to represent them well: the church does not have a permanent worship location (and were in the middle of moving to a different site), so their website would serve as their virtual front door. It would show their stability and connection with the community, despite their lack of a permanent building. The church’s existing site did its best, but it needed rebuilding. It was based on an outdated version of WordPress, and their un-customized theme lacked polish. Unnecessary extra stuff, like random links to back to WordPress, hung around and cluttered up the site. So they asked us to help.

5MT built New Covenant a customized WordPress-based site that delivered a solid, professional continuity. We collaborated with them on color schemes and topography styles, and when they were satisfied with the visual unity, we turned it into a custom WordPress theme.

We also redesigned the church’s logo: basing it on their existing one, we refreshed the look to coordinate with the rest of the redesigned site. We provided consultation on their photography, helping the church select the best pictures for the home page slider and each page header.

The untidy hodgepodge is gone. New Covenant’s new website is elegant and mobile-friendly, a welcoming front door that invites their site guests to come visit them in person.

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