Reformation OPC in Morgantown, West Virginia had a website, but it was rarely updated. Its HTML-based code kept everything effectually nailed in place, so posting updates of any kind required knowing computer code. It provided basic information about the church, but the stilted layout looked unappealing.

In early 2014, ROPC contacted Five More Talents about building them a customized website. We did the whole project for them, including designing their logo. We drafted several logo designs, from which they chose their favorite. Two rounds of adjustments later, and we had it—simple, refined, and representational of who they are as a church. For the web design, we collaborated with ROPC to create a distinctive site layout that suited their needs. Once they approved the design, we turned it into a customized WordPress theme.

The resulting website offers up an elegant continuity. Even the Bible verses that scroll on the homepage, instead of being intrusive, complement the overall design. The new WordPress host ensures the design is responsive, making the site easy to navigate on any device.

ROPC was completely satisfied with their new site, rating Five More Talents a perfect ten out of ten. Although they have the option of editing their own site, thanks to WordPress, they continue to employ Five More Talents for managing the WordPress hosting and for ongoing content management.

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