Sovereign Grace Community Church works and grows in Hughson, nestled in California’s fertile Central Valley region. Groves of almond trees spread around the church building, but the church’s presence online was hardly as beautiful. A page on a community website gave limited information, but that was all.

When Sovereign Grace requested Five More Talents to build them a custom website, we interviewed them to understand the flavor of the surrounding community, asking the church for specific ideas they wanted incorporated into their new site. Presented with several design options, they chose their favorite, and after another round of adjustments, gave the final stamp of approval. Then we wrote the code to turn it into a unique WordPress theme.

The church did not have an official logo, but they liked the look of their front welcome sign, though they did not have a digitized copy of it. Working from a photo of the sign, we recreated the look, turning it into a digital copy, for the website’s header.

One of Sovereign Grace’s concerns about their website was its visibility in search engine results. Five More Talents worked to create on-page SEO (search engine optimization), identifying keywords and placing them strategically in the HTML code. We also guided them through registering the church with Google Plus, which collects information from businesses and publishes it in connection to Google Maps, giving the church an even larger profile on Google.

The new website pleased Sovereign Grace. The picture of an almond grove spreads across the top of the page, just like around the church building. The WordPress-based site is easy to update, and its responsive design adapts instantly to mobile devices.

Five More Talents continues to supply Sovereign Grace with monthly website hosting, including ongoing tech support. We also send them a monthly email report, which shows things like monthly site traffic and the top places from which the website is accessed.

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