Reformation Scotland’s mission is to bring wisdom from great authors of the Second Reformation period (1638 to 1661) to the present-day church, unearthing their insights and republishing them in booklets, e-books, and blog posts. Despite their quality of content, Reformation Scotland garnered little online attention. Their existing website platform had many frustrating constraints—links refused to work, the layout was difficult to arrange, and the email signup wouldn’t let people sign up. Matthew Vogan, the principal site manager, contacted Five More Talents. Could we help?

Working together, we thoroughly updated Reformation Scotland’s online presence as dramatically as they repackage their treasures from history. The resulting new WordPress-based site presents a visually appealing, mobile friendly layout, and the email signup links let you do just that. Content is published in a modern, easy-to-read font, with social media icons hovering helpfully at the borders, and the site’s pages are easy to manage and edit.

5MT also provided e-commerce development, building an online store for Reformation Scotland to advertise and sell their materials. Through our digital publishing campaign management (primarily Facebook ads targeting specific audiences), Reformation Scotland’s audience has grown enormously. We helped Mr. Vogan create specific goals for the site’s online visibility, and equipped him with the tools needed to reach those goals. 5MT continues to provide web hosting for the site.

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