We are happy to announce another website release from Five More Talents! This week we published Reformed Blogmatics, the website of Scott R. Swain! Dr. Swain is the President and James Woodrow Hassell Chair of Systematic Theology at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, FL. Because he is a prolific writer, Dr. Swain needed a website that would put priority on his content.

Building a Platform

Dr. Swain needed a platform for his blog, sermon, and lecture content. Building a platform online would increase his reach and ability to share his content with more people. Five More Talents was excited to work with him to help achieve that goal! We included pages for his lectures, sermons, articles, and reviews. This makes it easy for visitors to find exactly what they need as they explore Dr. Swain’s content.

Dynamic Elegance

Dr. Swain’s site is designed to reflect the intelligent elegance that characterizes his content. It’s easy to change the site content on a regular basis without design concerns because of the simple and dynamic design. Dr. Swain will update Reformed Blogmatics consistently and its simple design takes this into account.

A Team Effort

Our team worked with Katie Rhea Stokes who provided the graphic design for the project. We are glad for Katie’s help and we’re proud of the finished product! Dr. Swain’s new site combines elegance and functionality to provide him with a strong platform to share his content with a wider audience.

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