Web forms connect you to your audience in a noteworthy way. They allow visitors to your website to communicate directly with you. They enable visitors to submit their contact information, questions, registrations, or payments. Publishing web forms on your church website can help you open these doors of communication. Here are five creative ways to use web forms on your church’s WordPress website.

#1-Contact Us Form

A ‘Contact Us’ form is a great way to let web visitors submit questions or comments. It’s also incredibly simple to set up. Some basic fields you can add to your ‘Contact Us’ form include the visitor’s name, email address, and a space for a brief message. Contact Us forms are great for fielding questions and comments about general topics or for receiving inquiries and messages from those outside the congregation.

#2-Event Registration Form

Whether it’s Vacation Bible School or a men’s retreat, your church probably hosts a variety of events. Running these events smoothly requires accurate attendance numbers and other information. One easy way to streamline the process of collecting this information is a web form. For example, online registration forms allow event organizers to collect and view attendance information in a centralized place that makes planning and running an event easier. Furthermore, email notifications can be set up for these forms so event planners can keep track of registrations as they come in.

#3-Donations & Gifts

Web forms make online giving simple. Churches can accept donations or special collections through their website using web forms. It’s simple to connect a payment form with money transfer services like PayPal or Stripe. This makes paying for event registrations or contributing to a special fundraiser easy with a simple-to-build web form!

#4-Newsletter Sign-up

Church email newsletters are great ways to keep your congregation updated on what’s happening in your church. A simple form on a church’s website can make collecting email addresses for newsletters easy. You’ll just need to add fields so web visitors can provide their name and email address. It’s also simple to automatically connect the form to email services like Mailchimp or Constant Contact.

#5-Survey Submission

Does your church send out surveys to the congregation? A web form makes these interactive elements convenient for members of the congregation. For instance, church leaders can send a link to the form to the appropriate mailing list and receive the responses. As a result the congregation can complete the survey at a convenient time for them throughout the week. It’s a win-win!

Need help setting up web forms?

Web forms on WordPress are simple and easy to build with the right tools! Make sure to watch our free webinar recording to learn more about how to use web forms for church website success with WordPress.

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