Oftentimes, when a visitor walks into your church on a Sunday morning, it’s not the first time they interact with your church. Chances are high that they have seen a social media post from your church or viewed your website. In that sense, your website is just as important to welcoming newcomers as your Sunday morning welcome team.

So how can you engage potential visitors on your website? 

One best practice for engaging web visitors is to have dynamic, eye-catching homepage slides. Rotating slides give your website homepage an additional visual dimension. They can be used to showcase your current sermon series, an upcoming event, or your latest blogpost. Homepage slides, if done well, can grab and hold your visitors’ attention and encourage them to navigate around your church website and keep reading.

Dimension Requirements

In order to do homepage slides right, there are a few practical details that need to be taken care of. The dimensions of your images is  important. Where you put your text is also essential to making sure your homepage slide looks good. It’s important to get these details right so you can avoid your homepage slides looking terribly unprofessional. To get you started, here are the dimensional requirements for the WordPress themes used in three of our Ready-to-go Church Website packages: Ames, Baxter, and Flavel.

Ames: Homepage slides in  Ames  need to be 960 pixels high by 480 pixels wide. If you need to adjust the size of your image, you have the option of editing the image straight from WordPress. (Learn how.) Ames also features “highlights.” These are permanent, non-rotating images that display next to the slides. The dimensional requirement for Ames highlights is 600×410 pixels. 

Baxter: Baxter is designed to be clean, simple, and focused. The homepage slides featured on Baxter are larger than those featured on Ames and take a more dominant role in the homepage layout. Images featured on the homepage slider must be 1700×500. The highlights on Baxter require pixel dimensions of 750×500.

Flavel: The homepage slide on Flavel is the main attraction of the homepage. It’s large size makes it the main focal point of the website. The dimension requirements are 1680×1050 pixels. The highlight images must be 720×720 pixels.

General Tips for Homepage Slides

There are also some general principles that apply to all homepage slides. For example, text should be placed in the middle of your slide so that it doesn’t get cut out when you upload the slide to your website. Keeping your text in the middle of the image will help you avoid this problem.

Facebook Photo Dimensions

For photos uploaded to Facebook, the best results are achieved with dimensions of 1200×628 pixels. You can find more information about Facebook image sizes here.

Making It Fit

The photos on your website’s homepage slides should engage your visitors and grab their attention. When the size of your image is off, the slide looks unprofessional. This can turn visitors off. It’s important to get your images sized correctly so that your website’s slides can fulfill their purpose! If you need more information on editing and resizing your photos in WordPress, you can learn about that here.

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