With the advent of advanced recording technology in the 20th century, the ability to record sermons was born. Now, you can upload these sermon recordings to the internet, making them available to a wider audience.

What are some specific reasons that your church website should include a sermon library? What special benefits are associated with a sermon library? Here are three foundational reasons to create a sermon library for your church website.

Serve your members

An online sermon library serves your church members. It allows them to catch up on sermons they missed if they traveled out of town or served in the nursery. It also allows them to go back and re-listen to a particularly impactful message or even share it with a friend who needs to hear it. Perhaps an online sermon library would serve young parents in your church. It allows them to listen to a recent sermon on their own time, when the kids are napping, in case they were distracted during the service.

Engage your guests

When potential guests visit your website, they’re probably in search of a church congregation to call home. A lot of elements contribute to this decision. How your church approaches preaching is going to be a big factor in their decision. By creating a sermon library, you can engage potential guests on your website by making them familiar with your church’s preaching style, structure and theology. 

Improve your website’s visibility

There are a couple ways your sermon library can increase your online visibility in Google and improve your church website SEO. By uploading a sermon to your website every week, you will be adding fresh church website content. This leads to more visibility. Sermon recordings also bring diversity to your media types. A lot of well-written text is good for SEO but audio or video files are great! By adding sermons in addition to blog posts, announcements, or event updates, you’ll add an extra dimension to your media, thereby enhancing your church website SEO.

Sermon library: a resource for discipleship

Your sermon library is more than just a feature on your website. It’s an outstanding resource for discipleship, available to church members and guests alike. It’s not complicated to build a sermon library. There are a variety of WordPress plugins that make this process simple. You can consult this article to the best sermon audio plugin for your WordPress needs. Every Five More Talents customer has the option to build a sermon library on their church website, whether they use a Ready-to-Go website package or a custom website design.

For Five More Talents customers with our Deluxe Ready-to-Go package, learn how to add a sermon to your library here. If you use a Basic Ready-to-Go package or have a custom website design from Five More Talents, learn how to add your sermon library here.

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