What comes to your mind when you read the words “church blog”? Are you skeptical? Do you doubt how worthwhile a church blog would be? Are you worried you won’t have enough time or energy to devote to such a project? While these may be legitimate concerns, they shouldn’t stop you from creating a blog for your church. There are many benefits that come from publishing a church blog. These include better communication with your congregation, better church website SEO, and more resources for church members. If you struggle with coming up with things to write on a regular basis, let us help you. Here are some ideas to inspire you and get you started!

Sermon Notes and Follow-Up

You can use your church blog to help your members prepare for and process the weekly sermon. Posting the scripture and topic of the sermon ahead of time allows the congregation to read and study the passage in preparation. Additionally, posting sermon notes or follow-up questions to encourage further study after the sermon is a great way to keep your members thinking about the sermon after the fact. Depending on the structure of your church blog, you could also post discussion questions and receive members’ insights in the comment section of the blogpost. 

Theology Q&A

As church leaders find time, it’s a good idea to publish blog posts addressing common theological questions from the congregation. This gives pastors a platform to share what’s on their mind, either theologically or culturally. Theological questions and answers will serve your church members. These blog posts can serve as great resources for the congregation. Additionally, it gives pastors a chance to communicate with their flock concerning meaningful topics that they care about and that directly impact the health of the church.

Event Updates

If you’re running low on ideas for church blog content, event announcements are an easy way to update your blog. Reminding your congregation about upcoming events isn’t complicated. Furthermore, by posting event updates to your blog, instead of using email, you’ll improve your church website’s SEO ranking and make the event information more shareable on social media platforms. 

Local Ministry Highlights

Your church blog is a great place to showcase local ministries that your church is involved with. This could take the form of an interview with a ministry leader, a recap of a recent local event, or an overview of how the ministry serve the community. Does your church partner with a pregnancy resource center or homeless shelter? Use your church blog to spread the word about the ministry and share volunteer opportunities with your congregation. You could even draft a church member involved in the ministry’s work to write the post themselves! The ministry gets some good exposure and you get fresh church website content. It’s a win-win!

Get Inspired!

These ideas are certainly not the only types of posts you can publish on your church blog. They are just here to get you started. Above all, your church blog should have a clearly-defined purpose. Furthermore, you should commit to update it regularly so as to make the most of it and keep your audience engaged.

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