How does your church offer a warm welcome to visitors through your website? How do you engage potential church guests online? One effective idea is adding a letter from the pastor. This option also provides the opportunity for personalization. Ideally, you might consider updating this page every week with details about the upcoming Sunday morning service. First ARP of Burlington is a fantastic example of a pastoral letter that includes these elements.

What is a letter from the pastor on your website? What should be included? Here are some things to keep in mind when considering adding a pastoral welcome letter or post to your church website.

The Benefits Are Many

There are a lot of advantages that accompany a personalized pastoral welcome letter. Besides practically displaying Sunday morning details (like meeting time and location) for visitors, a pastoral welcome post also personalizes the guest’s web experience and communicates your church’s vision in a personal way. Visitors feel like they can ‘get to know’ the pastor ahead of their visit on a Sunday morning. Furthermore, if you can commit to updating the details of your pastoral welcome post every week, it can contribute to SEO growth. 

For church members, a pastoral welcome post can serve by enabling the congregation to come prepared. If your weekly pastoral letter includes details on what sermon will be preached or what scriptures will be read, the congregation will have the chance to read and meditate in advance.

What to Include

So what elements should you include in your weekly pastoral post? Of course, there’s nothing forcing you to include any specific elements or even create a weekly post in the first place. But here are some ideas to make the most of a weekly pastoral post in the case that you do create one.

The Church Vision

You’ll want to direct web visitors to your pastoral welcome post because it includes all the details they’ll need to know. A great way to optimize this system is by including a section on the church’s vision from your pastor. This is a chance for him to share his heart for his congregation and welcome others to join you in your mission to advance the Gospel.

Prepare Them For Sunday Morning

Other elements that work well in the context of a pastoral welcome post are the details for Sunday morning. This of course includes meeting time, location and maybe even directions to your church from main roadways. It also includes things like the sermon topic, scripture references, even worship songs that will be played during the worship service. This allows potential guests and church members alike to prepare their hearts for the Sunday morning meeting.

Endless Possibilities 

There are a lot of directions you can take your weekly pastoral post. You can use it to welcome potential guests and share your church vision. It can be a centralized place to display Sunday morning details like location and meeting times. It can also be a great resource for church members to help them come to Sunday morning services prepared to engage the church body. Or it can serve all the above purposes!

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