How can you use video on your church website? What are some of the best uses for video on your church website? There’s no doubt that the vast majority of online users prefer video over text. Video has taken over the internet and it doesn’t look like it’s going away anytime soon. In fact, it only appears to be growing more. How can your church respond to this cultural reality in a way that serves the mission that God has called you to? We’ve already examined great examples of church website welcome videos. There are other creative ways to add video to your church website to engage your web visitors.

Church Welcome Video

Even though it was literally just mentioned, we want to start with the church welcome video. This video introduces visitors to your church and its mission through a well-shot, engaging video. You can display this video on your homepage for optimal results. 

Event Promotions

Another simple way to incorporate video into your church website is through event promotions. Using video to promote church events is effective and entertaining. Remember, people prefer getting information from videos rather than long blocks of text. Videos are also very shareable. If your event is open to the community, a video makes it easy for church members to share with their neighbors and friends. This makes invitations easy!

Sermon Recordings

Sermon recordings can be a video or audio file. There are a lot of options for publishing your sermon recordings as audio files to your website. There is also the option of video recordings. These take more time and effort but if your church has the staff and resources for it, it can be worthwhile. 

Homepage Slides

Church websites using the Flavel package or Charnock package from Five More Talents can upload a video to play in the background of their homepage slides. This adds an extra dimension to the homepage.

Statement of Faith Video

A statement of faith is a critical element for church websites. Why not create an engaging video to share your church’s core beliefs with your audience? This video could feature church leaders sharing reading your statement of faith aloud. It could simply incorporate pastors and elders explaining what the church stands for and believes about a variety of topics. Additionally, you can consider featuring lay members to participate in the video, expressing the doctrine of every-member ministry.

Use the Power of Video Effectively

Video technology has moved forward quickly over recent years. Churches can take advantage of this technological progress and use it to engage their congregations and visitors. Creatively incorporating video into your church website is a great way to harness the power of web technology. Choosing the right platform is important too. Overall, the more you incorporate videos into your church website, the more relevant your website will be to web visitors. 

Video won’t serve you much if you don’t have an excellent website to host videos on. Five More Talents offers Ready-to-Go church website packages. Church websites built from these starter websites enable churches to share their message with eye-catching design.. Check out our Ready-to-Go website package demos!

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