In the past, we’ve examined how to keep your website content updated. There are a variety of ways to add fresh content to your website that will improve your SEO ranking, keep your audience engaged, and provide value to web visitors. In this post, we will be zeroing in on one particular question: how often should website admins update their web content? As a staff member of a church or nonprofit organization, we know you’re busy. You probably wonder how much of an investment this will require of you. Here are some considerations to help you determine how often you should be updating your content.

It’s all about the purpose of your content.

What’s the purpose of your content? SEO experts say that updating for its own sake isn’t ideal. So why are you updating in the first place? Do you have announcements that need to be shared with your audience? Is there a topic you want to share with your audience? For churches in particular: does your pastor have a special blog topic on his heart? Would your audience benefit from a post seeking to start a discussion on a recent sermon?

These are questions to consider when learning how to get into a natural rhythm of website content updates. Maybe a weekly post or reminder would be helpful in some cases. Other times, it may be more meaningful to update only once or twice a month.

What’s going on with your social media?

Depending on your organization’s social media activity, your website content may not need to be updated quite as often. A social media post might serve to engage your audience. If this is the case, you may not need to post new content as often. As a general rule, you shouldn’t go more than a month without new website content. However, engaging with your audience through social media can give you freedom to make your new website content count. 

New Content Every Week

A good rule of thumb here is to make sure that you update your content at least once a week. This could be as simple as a social media post or as in-depth as a longer blog post. Specifically, a significant new content upload of some kind on your website should happen at least once a month. Depending on your social media activity, it wouldn’t hurt to update your website with new content every week if you can stay consistent.

Consistency Is Key

Of course, consistency is what makes all the difference. It’s better to commit to one new piece of website content every month than resolving to update every week but not staying consistent. If your audience can trust you to provide new valuable content on a regular basis, they’ll be more willing to come back to your site over and over again. Consistency builds trust and trust establishes relationships. 

Stick With It!

Building a regular schedule for your website content will help engage your audience and can improve your SEO rankings as well! To learn more about how to improve your website SEO, download the free webinar recording from Five More Talents!

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