Are you aware of the solutions for online giving for churches? Does your church enable an online giving option? Our churches must observe how technology influences our culture as it continues to evolve and develop. The majority of churchgoers in today’s culture are seeking online giving options. This is not just limited to Millenials either. Many middle-aged tithers are interested in finding online giving options. 

There are a variety of platforms that are compatible with WordPress. These make online giving easy, straight from your church website. If your church doesn’t have an online giving option, start by considering these platforms. is a comprehensive church management system with a special emphasis on giving. The platform is compatible with WordPress through its own WordPress plugin. Church members can give through the app or by clicking on a ‘Give’ button on the church website. This second option is enabled by the WordPress plugin in particular. can be easily integrated with WordPress, it provides an abundance of options for givers, and it’s easy to use for church members and administrators alike.


The easyTithe platform is another great option. It’s similar in a lot of ways to It lives up to its name with ease of use. It also provides a ‘text-to-give’ feature for maximum convenience. Kiosk giving is also available through the easyTithe system. There are a variety of pricing options so you can find the perfect plan for your church’s needs.

PayPal WordPress Plugin

The WordPress Paypal plugin is perhaps the easiest online giving solution to integrate with WordPress. It enables you to add a giving button on your website with just a bit of shortcode. The PayPal plugin supports recurring payments, though this is a premium feature that users pay for. Though designed with e-commerce use in mind, it’s an easy solution for churches seeking an online giving option.

Give WP

Give WP is a WordPress plugin for donations and fundraising. This option is especially useful for larger fundraising campaigns, beyond ordinary tithes and offerings. If your church is raising funds for a new building or a missions project, Give WP offers some specific features that you may find interesting. You can track your progress on a specific goal with a progress bar. You can also track donor activity, build a variety of donation forms, and add suggested donation amounts. Give WP is a very WordPress-friendly and customizable solution.

Finding an Online Giving Solution

Our culture today is moving away from cash (and even credit cards) and moving towards online payment options. Your church can effectively prepare for this shift by providing your members with options to give and tithe online. These online giving platforms allow churchgoers to maintain faithful giving in the midst of their busy 21st-century lives. If you don’t have an online giving system set up for your church yet, consider these options.

Setting up an online fundraising campaign on your WordPress website can sometimes be intimidating. Installing, configuring, and managing plugins can be time-intensive. If you would rather trust your online fundraising solution to experienced professionals, consider enlisting Five More Talents to serve you through our fundraising add-on service.

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