Does your church website have an events calendar? Is it easy for members and guests to find and track your church’s events online? There are a variety of event calendar plugins for churches that make organizing the calendar simple. We’ve taken a look at several and compiled a list of some of the best event calendar solutions for churches.

The Events Calendar

This one’s name says it all. The Events Calendar is a WordPress plugin that makes calendar organization simple. You can quickly create events and even provide additional details like venues and event organizers. The Events Calendar allows you to save these elements for future events. It also includes a category and tag system so you can categorize events, keeping everything organized. The Events Calendar plugin also offers a Pro version. This allows users to create recurring events and gives them access to premium support.

Church Content

The creators of the Church Content plugin designed it specifically for websites using Church Themes. This may limit its accessibility to a certain number of websites but its many features give it a competitive edge. This plugin helps churches manage events in addition to sermon audio files and location data. If your church is already using Church Content for your sermon library needs, it’s a great solution for your events calendar too.

Google Calendar

This is a popular calendar option used by many users on a daily basis. Google Calendar can be added to your church’s WordPress website through a number of plugins including the Events Calendar. There is another WordPress plugin called Simple Calendar that works to integrate your Google Calendar with your website. The biggest benefit to using a tool to integrate your website with your Google Calendar is that you only have to update your Google Calendar and it will automatically update on your website.

Manage Church Events From Your Website

These event calendar plugins for churches are great tools for managing online church calendars. They help churches manage their event calendars and share events with their members. Church members and administrators alike can now track the church calendar with ease straight from the church website. Installing an event calendar plugin on your church website can lead to well-managed events and online participation from the congregation.

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