Fall is in the air! The season of bonfires, apple-picking, and brilliant autumn colors is here! There’s no doubt your church is already starting to plan your fall outreach events and maybe even starting to look towards your Christmas holiday schedule. What seasonal church website updates do you need to make as the season changes?

Events Calendar

If you don’t have an online events calendar, you should set one up right away! It’s an essential website element for sharing church events with your members and the community at large. If your church is involved in seasonal outreach events, like fall festivals, it is helpful to put these on the calendar. When members of the community view your website, they can see upcoming public events. This affords a great opportunity for reaching your community by publishing event information on your website.

Volunteer Registration Form

Of course, if your church hosts fall events, you probably need volunteers to help organize, set up, tear down, and keep the event running. One easy way to collect and organize volunteer sign-ups is through a web-based form. As you set up your volunteer registration form, keep in mind what sort of information you need to collect. Additionally, you can also set up confirmation emails to be sent to your admin’s email when people sign up, making it easy to track volunteers as they register to serve.

Use Your Blog For Announcements

As your church approaches fall events and the Advent season, consider using your blog to make announcements. For example, you can post fall and winter schedules for regular church meetings like bible studies or prayer meetings. You can also post Advent information week-by-week on your blog. Consequently, this will serve to keep your congregation informed with the added benefit of reaching your community through relevant articles.

Use A Boom Bar For Announcements

In addition to your blog page, you can use a boom bar to make announcements. (This will require a special plugin.) The boom bar is a great way to get your announcement in front of your audience in an eye-catching and simple way. Whether it’s a notice about a fall event or a notification of scheduling changes due to inclement weather, a boom bar is an easy way to notify your congregation and web visitors within minutes.

It’s Important to Update Your Website

Keeping your church website content updated is an essential best practice. As a new season moves in, take some time to make sure that your website updates with fresh content to reach your audience. Developing content-updating habits is a great step towards a healthy church website that leads to powerful outreach.

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