Online giving is a common feature for church websites. It serves the members of your congregation by providing them with a simple and straightforward way to give through the twenty-first century tools at your disposal.

One WordPress tool for online giving that we are particularly fond of is the GiveWP plugin. We’re excited about this plugin and how churches and nonprofit organizations can use it to grow their ministry. In this overview, we’ll share why we think GiveWP is such an excellent tool for churches implementing online giving. (Note: Some of the following features are add-ons to the core plugin.)

Here are the top GiveWP plugin features for churches:

#1-Recurring Donations

If your members are interested in online giving, chances are high that they’ll benefit from GiveWP’s recurring donation add-on. This will allow them to set a monthly donation amount and Give will automatically withdraw it each month. Consequently, this automates the giving/tithing process. This can be exceptionally helpful for members seeking to keep giving consistently without adding another item to their full to-do list. It makes consistent giving much simpler!

#2-Donor Relationships

GiveWP allows you to manage donor information securely and keep things organized. In addition, the PDF receipt add-on enables churches to send out customized pdf receipts by email for donor’s record. This will serve your administration team well and it will add value to your members and donors by providing them with conveniently accessed records. Give also helps you track donor activity, making it easy to understand your donors and their contributions to your ministry.

#3-Default Donation Levels

If you are running a special giving campaign, it can be helpful to have suggested donation levels to simplify the giving process. Give allows users to set default donation levels in addition to including a custom donation level. For example, if your church is raising money for a building fund, you could set up a form with Give that includes preset donation amounts of $50, $100, and so on. A custom donation option is also available with this feature so donors can still exercise full autonomy over their donations.

#4-Donation Goals & Progress Bar

One fun feature that GiveWP offers is the ability to set a donation goal and provide donors with a visual progress bar, making it exciting to track the progress of the campaign. This adds an interesting visual aspect to your donation page and reinforces your donors’ satisfaction in knowing that their contributions are making a difference!

#5-Email Reports

With GiveWP you can get donation reports sent straight to your inbox. The email report add-on makes it easy to view your progress and track online giving with the convenience of your email. The reports are comprehensive and clearly developed so you can make sense of your online giving data easily.

#6-Multiple Payment Gateways

Whether you want to use Stripe, Square, PayPal, or another payment provider, GiveWP has you covered. They offer a comprehensive list of payment gateway add-ons that integrate with common payment providers. Getting your donation forms set up with these add-ons allows donors to submit payment directly on your website! This makes online giving easy for your average church member.

Looking Back At GiveWP

Overall, GiveWP knocks it out of the park when it comes to offering churches and nonprofits an excellent online giving option. They provide quality features to help churches make online giving simple and straightforward. It’s no wonder we’re big fans of the GiveWP plugin!

If your church is ready to serve your members with online giving, we have the perfect package for you! Our Fundraising Add-on service will help you implement online giving for your church with plenty of professional support for the learning curve!

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