Sermons are a central part of what your church does on a weekly basis. Your sermons serve to disciple church members and communicate great truths to the congregation. Did you know that your sermons can play a strong role in your church’s online outreach as well? In fact, there are a great number of ways you can use your sermons for outreach. Sermons can serve to build up your church, both inside and out! In fact, many churches use there sermons as a podcast, which is a great idea.

SEO Benefits of Sermon Audio

Your sermon library holds powerful SEO potential if it’s structured well. Multiple forms of media help to engage web visitors. For example, a diverse multimedia library (including sermon audio recordings) can improve your user engagement. This helps your search engine optimization. There is fascinating audio SEO progress in the works which could prove to be incredibly important for churches uploading sermon audio files. 

Well-organized sermon libraries also contribute to good SEO. Consistently publishing sermon recordings with descriptive titles and well-organized keyword tags is a best practice. You can easily organize your sermon library by topic with one of Five More Talents’ church website packages.

Sermons On Social Media

Posting your sermon recordings on social media helps your church reach out to interested members of your community. If non-members follow your church’s social media they will receive a steady diet of sermon recordings in their newsfeed. As a result, your content will enjoy greater visibility and more opportunities to engage potential guests.

Even if you don’t record sermon videos, you can link to your audio sermon library through social media and drive interested traffic to your website.

Live-streaming Works Too

Speaking of social media, live-streaming your sermons on Facebook might provide a great next step towards making your Sunday morning service more accessible to people in the community and beyond. Live-streaming on Facebook isn’t as complicated as a full live-stream setup. Furthermore, it is a great way to use your sermons for outreach by publishing them directly to your audience.

Engage Your Guests

As potential guests consider a visit to your congregation, they will develop a heightened awareness to your church’s theology and preaching style. These are important elements to consider when searching for a church. As a result, your online sermon library can help provide context for potential visitors. The crux of outreach is educating the community about your church and what you are doing as a congregation. Therefore, a sermon library can help potential visitors get to know your church’s theology and preaching style before they even step foot inside your doors.

Now would be a good time to consider 3 questions about your audience. Since every church has a message to communicate, be sure you communicate it clearly.

Use Your Sermons For Outreach

Sermons build up your flock. But you can also use them to grow your church through outreach. There are great sermon audio outreach benefits to be gained by creating an online sermon library.  You can use your sermons for outreach in very effective ways. They can impact your church’s outreach through SEO and opportunities for social media content.

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