All websites rely on visually engaging content to engage with web visitors. But simply adding generic stock photos isn’t enough. Congregations need to employ a more personal approach to get great church website photos. Photos that show your church in action and showcase your community are great ways to make a great first impression on potential guests visiting your website.

It takes a lot of work to collect, edit, and publish great church website photos but it is worth it! Engaging photos of your church community enhance a web visitor’s experience with your church website. In this post we’ll examine two great examples of church websites that use compelling and personal photos to engage their web visitors.

Reformation Fellowship

Reformation Fellowship, located in Roseville, CA, provides web visitors with an engaging inside look at their church community through the photos they use on their church website.

Each page of their website features photos of their members in action, alongside text explaining the details of their church.

The photos get an “A” grade on two accounts. For one, they are personal. The photos show real church members in the context of Sunday morning gatherings. These are not typical stock photos!

Additionally, the church uses high-quality photos. If your photos are personal but lack quality it can be counterproductive. 

Reformation Fellowship has done a great job of using photos that are both personal and high-quality. It’s an awesome combo!

Faith Community Church

Faith Community Church of West Chicago also uses their church website photos masterfully.

This congregation uses their photos much more subtly than Reformation Fellowship. Their website is very text-focused and the photos serve as enhancements to the text rather than focal points. 

Nonetheless, the photos that this congregation uses are well-done. Like Reformation Fellowship, the church displays photos that are personal and high-quality. Even though they are not center-stage, they make noticeable enhancements to the site’s design and the user’s visual experience.

Use Great Church Website Photos

When potential guests visit your church website they are looking for a variety of information about your congregation. They want to know about your beliefs, your ministries, your leadership, and your meeting details (time and place). Many guests also want to understand your church’s community. They may not even be aware of this. It’s important to welcome your potential guests online just like it’s important to warmly greet them when they step foot inside your church’s doors.

Using great photos to engage your web visitors is a significant part of online outreach. You can start today by reviewing your website photos and optimizing them by making them personal and high-quality.

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