How do people find your church? Maybe it’s through a friend, an event, or a road sign. In our culture today, many people search for things, including churches, on the internet. Finding a church online has grown in popularity recently. Prospective guests can learn more about the church’s schedule, location, pastoral team, and theological beliefs from the church website before making a visit.

As you seek to connect with more guests this next year, consider what kind of upgrades your church website might need. 

Here is our list of church website upgrades to get you started.


This is a big one! So many people use their mobile phones to search the internet now. It’s essential to create a church website that will display optimally on smartphones and tablets, as well as computers. If your website’s design doesn’t display well on mobile devices, you’ll miss the opportunity to connect with many potential guests.

Upgrading your church website to be mobile-friendly may sound complicated but it doesn’t have to be intimidating. Start by reading our take on mobile-friendly church websites!

#2-Online Giving

Online giving is another really important element for modern church websites. Since so many financial transactions happen online, checks and cash are slowly fading to a secondary position in our culture. As a result, the traditional way of tithing and giving is becoming harder and harder to maintain for many churchgoers.

Online giving is a convenient way for church members to tithe and give. It should certainly be included on your church website this next year.

To take the first step towards providing your church with an online giving solution, ask yourself these three questions.

#3-The Block Editor

The new Gutenberg block editor is changing the way we add and manage content on WordPress websites. This powerful tool makes creating and maintaining complex page layouts much easier. The block editor has opened up a world of possibilities to church leaders without requiring any knowledge of website code. Switching over from the current classic editor to the new Gutenberg editor is something your church should do right away!

Switching to the Gutenberg editor is important for another reason: it will soon be the default page editor for WordPress. The classic editor will no longer be supported when December 2021 rolls around. Getting ahead of the learning curve by starting the transition now is wise.

Upgrade Your Welcome

So many potential visitors will first react with your church online. Your church website will be the first “welcome” that they receive. It’s critical to make sure it’s a warm welcome. Your church website is more than an obligation. It’s an important resource for outreach to your community and a very useful tool for those in your congregation. Don’t neglect it this upcoming year!

Having considered upgrades your church website may need, make sure you don’t neglect your outreach strategy! Ask these 3 questions to make sure you are targeting your online audience correctly.

Five More Talents exists to help churches harness the power of the web for their ministry. Through web design, development, and continued WordPress care, we help churches make their website an effective tool for outreach and discipleship. Download our free ebook to learn more about your church website’s potential.

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