The Southgate Fellowship “exists to advance biblical thinking and practice in world mission,” and it’s organized around affirmations and denials concerning world missions.

This project came to us with much of their content created. We crafted and developed the site to accommodate and enhance that material.

The affirmations and denials are presented in a user-friendly format. We employed JavaScript several times in the “read more” buttons, keeping large chunks of content conveniently available for curious readers, yet not overwhelming for a site visitor scrolling past for other information.

At the bottom of the homepage are listed people and institutions who endorse this work. And if you agree with their positions, there’s also a link for you to add your name to the list. When someone adds his name, the site owners are notified, and they can approve the the signatures before they appear on the site. It’s a workflow that simultaneously allows and encourages more signatories, and gives the ability to moderate content before it is publicized.

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