Garst Mill OPC is a church located in Cave Springs, VA. They desire to know the one true triune God as he has revealed himself to man through Scripture. They firmly believe the Bible to be God’s word to man and is where we find what to believe concerning God as well as what duty is required of man.

One of the features of the website is an easy to navigate events page. This page includes a monthly calendar where you can view the upcoming events that are going on at the church. They have multiple events that go on every week at Garst Mill OPC.

Another feature of the website is that they have an area where you can listen to or download past sermons that were preached at the church. They have at least 700 sermons you can watch, and the first sermon dates back 2012.

We had the opportunity to update their website with a new design. This was an enjoyable project to be able to redesign their website.

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