Recently, we had the privilege of developing a brand new website for Berean Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Ellwood, PA. The following is an expert from their “How We Worship” page:

“Our worship services focus on the ordinary means of grace. The ordinary means are the word, sacrament, and prayer. The “means of grace” are an appointed way that God conveys grace and the benefits of salvation to His people. These means become effectual when genuine, saving faith is present. Therefore, in our worship services, we preach God’s word, read and hear God’s word, and pray God’s word. Biblical preaching is a pillar of our ministry, and we preach through entire books of the Bible in an expository and exegetical manner. We recognize two sacraments, baptism and the Lord’s Supper, and the latter we observe monthly. Lastly, our services are full of prayer, whether the worship leader up front prays or the congregation prays in unison. These ordinary means are the primary way we are discipled in the Lord.”

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