Podcasting: A Guide For Churches

Podcast is a word that gets thrown around quite a bit but its definition isn’t always clear. So what is podcasting? Why does it matter for churches? How does one create their own podcast?
Pitfalls for using WordPress on Church Websites

Top WordPress Pitfalls for Church Websites

What are the top three WordPress pitfalls people face when building a church website? WordPress pitfalls? Wait, isn’t WordPress supposed to be wonderful? Yes. And it is. But then, taking a road through the Rocky Mountains is gorgeous and worthwhile — and you still need to be careful driving! It’s the same principle with building a…
Neglected, rusty, falling apart

The Three Biggest Excuses People Make for Neglecting Their Church Websites

There are three main ways churches often neglect their websites: NOT having a website at all. NOT updating the design of your website to keep pace with advancements in web technology. Most designs have a “shelf life” of three to five years. NOT logging in to the website and updating pages on a regular schedule, e.g….

Psalm 6, How Long, O Lord

A musical adaptation of Psalm 6, by Karl Kohlhase. “A prayer for consolation in times of grief, sorrow and depression.”  The song begins: “Reprove me not in your anger, LORD, nor chastise me in your rage. Have mercy, LORD, in compassion heal, both soul and body in pain.  

Psalm 6 – Heal Me

A new recording of Psalm 6 by the The Psalms Project Band, featuring the voice of Deryck Box. The song begins: “Lord, do not rebuke me in your anger, or chasten me in your wrath. Be merciful to me, for I am weak…” Matthew Henry says in his commentary on Psalm 6: “David was a…

Psalm 1 – How Blessed Is the Man

A live back alley recording of Psalm 1 – How Blessed Is the Man – sung by Jody Killingsworth of My Soul Among Lions, a group “dedicated to restoring the Book of Psalms to its place in Christian worship.”  The group released their first album Psalms 1-10, on March 8, 2016. Psalm 1 Text Psalm 1…