5 Questions Every Church Planter Must Ask about His Church Website

Leadership, usability, content strategy, and analytics are as important as a snazzy design when it comes to the success of your church website. 1. Who’s in charge? Is somebody in charge? Is anybody in charge? Almost all of the pastors I know work overtime preparing sermons and shepherding the flock. That’s as it should be….

Measuring the Effectiveness of Your Church Website

Analyzing website traffic is the main component of measuring the effectiveness of your church website. Thankfully, website traffic analysis tools have come a long way since the days of “hit counters.” Scenario: You’ve just spent a lot of money putting up a website for a church plant. You paid a few thousand dollars to come…

Social Media and Your Church Website

Social media websites such as Facebook now dominate the attention of web users. How this should change the way you view your church website, and what you should do as a result. Social media websites have experienced explosive growth in the past 12 months. One year ago, web users spent less than 10% of their…

Content Management and Your Church Website

Five More Talents’ content management services differentiate us from most other church web design agencies. In this article, we define the term “content management” and explain its importance to the effectiveness of your church website. What is Content Management? Definitions: By content, we mean primarily text content, but also graphics, photography, audio, and video content….