Pathways of Pella

Pathways of Pella is a donor-funded crisis pregnancy center in Pella, Iowa. Affiliated with Care Net, Pathways has been in operation for over 20 years. Pathways provides their community free physician-grade pregnancy and STD testing and parenting support services. Pathways’ clients are men and women (mostly aged 15-30+) within a 20-mile radius of Pella, IA. This includes the towns of Knoxville and Oskaloosa as well as college students at Central College and William Penn University.

What this crisis pregnancy center needed

Pathways’ old website was inadequate for serving the needs of its primary clientele: young adults aged 15-30. Millennials and younger folks commonly browse the web via mobile phones. Using images is also a key component of appealing to the 15-30 year old demographic.

Pathways realized that to accurately and winsomely represent their services to their target audience, they needed a new website.

How we helped this crisis pregnancy center design a new website

5MT provided copy-writing services to Pathways to refresh their content, redesigned the site’s menu (organization), and updated the links to outside sources. We helped them select stock photos for visual interest. We also designed them a new logo.

The biggest job, though, was the actual website development. 5MT walked Pathways through our five-step website development process: defining the project, developing the site structure, designing the visual interface, building and integrating that visual interface, and launching and promoting the finished site. Our teleconferences were cheerful affairs as we discussed different pieces of the project, molding the site into what they knew would best serve their clients. now reflects the high-quality services they offer, presenting their resources in a modern, mobile-friendly website design which appeals to 15-30 year olds.

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