Reformed Theological Seminary

New Website for Reformed Theological Seminary

Reformed Theological Seminary (RTS), one of the largest Reformed seminaries, operates from multiple campuses across the U.S. They manage their own website, but its original design predated mobile devices.

When RTS came to Five More Talents, they us brought a simple but by no means easy task: to design a website that was as simple and intuitive as possible, easy to use on all devices. RTS publishes hundreds of webpages, and wanted to provide their site visitors quick access to the information they wanted. Our job was to make that happen.

We jumped at the challenge. Using the Agile software development methodology, we set to work immediately. Instead of planning out the entire project in advance, we started writing the code right away, and were able to send the first results to the seminary within a month — and keep the entire project within a manageable budget.

We forged ahead, collaborating with RTS through several “sprints” as we wrote the front-end design code for them to implement into their own content management system.

The end result accomplished its goal beautifully. RTS continues to do their own web hosting, and their website guests can now navigate the site with ease from any device.


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March 7, 2016


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