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Podcast is a word that gets thrown around quite a bit but its definition isn’t always clear. So what is podcasting? Why does it matter for churches? How does one create their own podcast?

What is podcasting?

Merriam-Webster simply defines podcasting as: “a program (as of music or talk) made available in digital format for automatic download over the Internet”. This includes sermons, radio programs, and music. Any internet-based audio program could fall under the definition of a podcast. People usually use this term for sermons or radio programs. Podcasts often feature a discussion of specific topics of interest by a speaker (or group of speakers). The main difference between podcasts and traditional radio is that podcasts are published directly on the internet.

Why does podcasting matter for churches?

Podcasting for churches is an increasing topic today. In fact, podcasts are important to churches reaching out to their local communities. Learning how to develop, publish, and promote a podcast can lead to greater outreach impact. Podcasts, whether sermon recordings or recorded discussions of relevant topics, can be an effective way to provide valuable content for the community.

By podcasting regularly on topics of interest, a church can improve their search rankings, making it easier for online visitors to find them. Consistently publishing new content helps a church’s outreach because it catches the attention of online visitors. It also increases relevance in the wider community. Consistent podcasting allows the church to engage in the conversations that those in the community are having.

How do I start podcasting for a church?

Starting a podcast for your church doesn’t have to be complicated. The first step is creating an account with Apple iTunes Connect. This is important because iTunes is the most popular podcast directory.

After setting up your iTunes account, you need to provide iTunes Connect with the URL of the podcast feed from your site. If your website runs on WordPress, a podcast feed can be easily setup. You just need to use the right WordPress plugins.

Five More Talents has helped numerous churches and organizations broadcast audio via podcasts. For example, Christ the King Presbyterian Church provides a sermons podcast. Scotland’s Forgotten History provides an educational podcast highlighting important people, places, and events.

Taking advantage of podcasting for outreach

The vision of Five More Talents is to assist churches (and other organizations) invest their resources well. We seek to do this in order to increase the effectiveness of the church at-large. We do this specifically through our custom website design, managed WordPress hosting, and ready-to-go church websites.

Adding a podcast to your website is a fantastic way to engage your congregation. It can help increase your outreach. Ultimately, it is a good investment of resources towards greater influence in your community.

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