It’s easy to get overwhelmed with a new church website project. There is so much about your church that you want to showcase on the website. However, you’ve also heard that sometimes less is more. You’ve been told that the key to success with your church website is regularly updating your content. How will you ever keep your content fresh with the time and resources you have?

The key to making the most of your church website is finding the essentials and prioritizing those. Focusing on the right things is better than trying to include everything. The question is: what are the church website essentials? Here are three fundamental elements to include in your church website.

#1 – Sermon Library

A sermon library is a church website essential because it serves your congregation and your potential guests alike. It’s also an easy channel to publish updated content on a weekly basis. Doing this will keep your website content fresh and it will encourage web visitors to keep coming back for more.

Sermon libraries are pretty simple to set up with the right tools. Five More Talents has helped many churches develop sermon libraries for their websites and our Ready-to-Go Church Website packages include sermon audio tools.

#2 – Events Calendar

Including an events calendar on your church website is important. An events calendar communicates important dates and times with the people in your church planning, organizing, and attending the events. It can also help draw newcomers in by making them aware of upcoming ways to get connected with your church. Inviting newcomers into your church community through events is a great way to practice outreach. Adding an events calendar to your website is a great way to start doing this!

#3 – Web Forms

Why are web forms essential for a church website? They are fantastic opportunities to connect with visitors and streamline administration. Potential guests can reach out with their questions through a ‘Contact Us’ form. Church members can sign up for events through an event registration form. Adding these (and other types of) forms to your church website helps you share and receive information through your website. The potential uses for web forms are plentiful, making them an essential addition to any church website.

Don’t Stop There!

Those may be the essentials, but that shouldn’t stop you from building more and more on your church website foundation. There are a lot of exciting and practical features that can make your church website dynamic and engaging to visitors. It’s also important to develop best practices and productive habits when it comes to maintaining your church website. Five More Talents has gathered best practices over 10+ years of experience in the industry. Watch our webinar recordings below to learn the WordPress basics!

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