Thanks to modern technology, building a website can be as simple or as complex as you want to make it. If you know code, customizing a website is possible, down to every last detail. However, thanks to content management systems and website building tools, beginners can create impressive websites without knowing a lot of code. What options do you have when it comes to content management systems for church and non-profit organization websites? In this blogpost, we’ll compare three popular content management systems and website building tools. We will determine what considerations should influence your website decision.

The three tools we will compare are: Wix, Squarespace, and WordPress.


If you’re just starting out in web development, Wix was made with you in mind. It’s easy drag-and-drop feature makes it a popular choice for people who need a quick and simple website solution. Wix is free to use, but there are downsides. Wix doesn’t offer much customization apart from their templates. Furthermore, you’re not in complete control of your content when you decide to move to another platform. This article from Artisan Themes gives us a housing analogy to illustrate this. They describe Wix as a rented house. If you move, you lose any alterations you’ve made. The text and image content you’ve added is still yours, but the rest of the website’s design doesn’t get carried over to the new platform. This is worth considering.

Should you use Wix for your organization’s website? While it’s ease-of-use is appealing, there are enough headaches under the surface to convince you to look elsewhere for your content management needs.


This website building tool is designed for those with an artistic eye. Squarespace goes heavy on the design aspects. It is also pretty easy to use. (Though user reviews vary.) The same downsides that plague Wix face Squarespace though. Customization is limited and integration with third-party applications is usually not possible. Additionally, if you leave the platform, you won’t be able to carry your designs over to the next website. Church and non-profit leaders investigating Squarespace should remember that there are better options available.


As of 2019, WordPress is a content management system used by over 30% of all websites. This safely ranks it as the most popular content management system. It combines the best of both worlds by simultaneously offering unlimited customization and user-friendly functionality. In addition, WordPress is compatible with a wide variety of other programs to create the complete website solution. If Wix and Squarespace are rental houses, WordPress is a custom-built home, designed and built just for you. 

Some reviewers have expressed concerns that WordPress is harder to use and requires more technical knowledge. While it’s true that WordPress gives you the option to build your website using code, there are also tools like the Divi Builder, that make building pages much easier.. 

In fact, all the potential downsides that come with using WordPress can be remedied with a good hosting option. WordPress hosting services enable churches and non-profit organizations to build a completely customizable website without touching the code! 

Website hosting for full control without the headache

Five More Talents offers web hosting services for WordPress. We assist churches and  non-profit organizations make the most of their website by taking care of the technical setup details and keeping the website in tip-top shape. We also offer continued support to help our customers overcome any challenges they may face and answer any questions they might have.

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