We are living in the age of convenience. People are using technology on a daily basis to make their lives easier. Whether it’s online banking solutions or voice-to-text technology, people are turning to their devices to save time and embrace simplicity. Consequently, how does this impact churches and Christian nonprofits in the realm of donations and fundraising? How can organizations make online giving convenient for donors?

As Christian organizations seek to connect with donors, it’s important to remember the priority of convenience in today’s culture. Online giving solutions take a great step towards ease-of-use and convenience. How can your church or nonprofit organization make your online giving solution easy to use for your donors? Consider these ideas.

#1-Keep the donation form simple.

When asking people to donate to your organization or cause, don’t ask for unnecessary information. Therefore, your donation form should be simple, easy to fill out, and confined to one page on your website. People are less likely to follow through on a donation if the process is too long. Of course your donors will need to enter their payment information. In addition, their name and contact email is essential information. Beyond that, for a normal donation form, there isn’t much that needs to be collected. 

Keeping the donation form simple to submit will streamline the process and break down obstacles that may keep your donors from submitting donations.

#2-Make the form easy to find.

If you want people to donate to your organization, don’t make them search for your donation form. There are plenty of tasteful ways to make your donation form (or a donation button) easily findable on your website. Don’t hide it! 

Most potential donors will probably give up trying to contribute if they can’t find your donation form easily. Of course, this is where donation buttons are incredibly helpful. For example, a button can be linked to a popup box displaying the donation form. This keeps your website’s layout and design uncluttered but offers convenient access to your donation form for interested web visitors.

#3-Remember mobile responsiveness.

It’s abundantly clear how much value people place on the ability to access the internet through their mobile devices. For instance, people are placing more and more priority on the convenience of mobile browsing. Over half of internet traffic comes from mobile devices. Consequently, if you don’t optimize your online giving solution for mobile devices you’ll be missing out on a lot of donation potential! One simple way to increase the mobile responsiveness of your donation solution is through the popup boxes mentioned above. This option is available with GiveWP

#4-Enable recurring donations.

This is an important best practice for many reasons. Recurring donations allows donors to continue giving to your organization without manually entering donations over and over again. Furthermore, this serves them by streamlining the process and increasing convenience. It’s also beneficial for your organization as it helps develop an ongoing, long-term relationship with donors that will strengthen your organization over time.

There are a number of ways to implement recurring giving on your website, but the most robust solution for WordPress websites is GiveWP. Recurring donation solutions break down barriers to generosity. 

Harness the Power of Convenience

Online giving in and of itself is a great way to encourage generosity to your organization through convenience. These four best practices will help you streamline the process and connect with more donors. Convenience is a powerful and highly-valued commodity in our culture. How can you use it for good to serve your donors and your organization?

Fundraising can be intimidating, especially in the technically advanced culture today. We can equip your organization with a powerful and convenient tool for your fundraising needs. Learn more about our Fundraising Add-on Service.

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