How does your church manage the many details of administration? How does your church manage giving, your events calendar, directory, and event registrations? Does your church use a church management system?

Church management systems usually take the form of software. They are tools available for churches to efficiently manage the various elements of church administration. Many systems have online giving options, event management solutions and interactive directories. In this post, we’ll examine some of the best church management systems available and how they can be integrated with your church’s WordPress website.

Planning Center 

Planning Center offers churches a simple solution for their administrative needs. The software helps to organize event registrations, giving, check-ins, service scheduling, and groups. It also integrates its giving solution with WordPress through a WP Church plugin called Planning Center Online Giving. A handful of Five More Talents customers already use Planning Center for their church management.

Church Social

Although it’s not as popular other systems on the list, Church Social deserves more attention than it gets. Built specifically for Reformed churches, it allows congregations to manage giving, membership, an events calendar, service schedules, and even sermon audio files. They also have a dedicated WordPress plugin that integrates your Church Social account with your WordPress website.

As its name suggests, is a church management system that focuses primarily on giving and donations. While giving takes center stage with, the system also offers membership and group management solutions and some administrative features. There is also a WordPress plugin that allows users to embed a giving button onto their church website. The plugin is called Giving Button.


The Breeze church management system is designed with small to mid-sized churches in mind. Breeze offers solutions similar to many of the other systems on this list. They also place a priority on data security. In addition to the normal church management features, they offer an integration with Mailchimp for email management. There is a WordPress plugin (Breeze Display) built by a third party that allows users to display their Breeze data on their WordPress website. 

Simplify Church Administration

These are just a handful of the church management systems that are available. Using a church management system can help your church’s administrative team effectively organize the details. There are a lot of elements to organize in a church: giving, schedules, service teams, memberships, events and more. A church management system serves to simplify the process so church leaders can be free to focus on their ministry. By integrating a church management system with your WordPress website you can further simplify your communication with church members and guests. 

Simplifying administration enables church leaders to make the most of their ministry. That’s why the Five More Talents team is passionate about serving church leaders through our Managed WordPress Hosting service. We take care of the details so you can focus on your ministry!

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